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• Monday, April 30th, 2012

Last Sunday I took on one of the biggest challenges of my life. I ran the Virgin London Marathon – all 26 miles and 385 yards – raising over £2,000 for United Response, in the process.

However, my journey to the start line hadn’t been an easy one. During training I suffered persistent knee problems, injuries to my back and shin splints – but I soldiered on. Just two weeks before the race things were looking ok, but then -  I came down with tonsillitis followed by a chest infection! How unlucky can you be?

But, anybody that knows me, knows how stubborn I am, so come the 22nd, I made my way, nervously, to the start line.

On balance, I think it was the toughest challenge of my life, so far. After 10 miles my chest felt ready to explode, but I carried on. At mile 21 I twisted my knee, but I carried on. At mile 26, for most of the rest of the race there was terrible wind and rain, but I carried on. I was determined to cross that line.

The crowds were fantastic and really helped my morale. They cheer you on all the way and really do help you get around the route. It was also amazing to see people in the crowd that I know – friends, family and colleagues. They provided me with a real boost – big thanks to them all.

And when I did finish, it was the best feeling ever.

A mood improved even further when I saw all the messages of support I had waiting – 60 text messages, 20 instant chat messages and over 250 comments and messages on Facebook! It took me most of Monday to reply to them all.

The support from home and around the marathon course is what got me though all this – so I want to say a massive personal ‘thank’ to all those people. A final thank you to the United Response fundraising team for all their support, and for hanging on for me at the reception party – that was really appreciated.

And now for the best news of all… drum roll please… I raised over £2,150 for United Response. However if you didn’t get the chance to sponsor me before the race, there is still time! Just head to www.virginmoneygiving.com/trudykent – thanks in advance!

Trudy K.

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