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• Wednesday, May 09th, 2012

Steve Spencer, a United Response support worker, and two friends will be taking part in a European car race called the Screwball Rally in September 2012, to raise £3,000 for a group of people we support in Suffolk.

Steve said: “A road trip around Europe is something we have all wanted to do for a while, but we’ve never had a good reason to do it. Until now. It was by chance, whilst looking on a car website that I saw an advert for it, looked into it and signed up as the ‘Madhatters’.”

The rally involves driving from Dover to Nancy in France, where they camp overnight. From there, they go to Asti, Lichtenstein and then toDijon in France. The final day sees them driving from Dijon back to Dover for a big party and celebration. All in all, the journey covers around 1,600 miles. Quite a feat – I’m sure you’ll agree!

So far, in preparation for the race, the team-of-three has picked up their car: a Volvo V70 T5, in a nice shade of blue, which has (a not inconsiderable) 85,000 miles on the clock! Fingers crossed it will make it through the whole journey…

The guys have also started to gather the necessary equipment, such as a tent, and sleeping bags for everybody. They are certainly organised, nevertheless a lot remains to be done: paint the car, make some repairs, as well as getting the car taxed and insured. Most importantly, they also need to fundraise!

- Visit the Madhatters’ donation page

“We are primarily raising money for the service I work for in Ipswich,” explains Steve. “We want to try and get a new summerhouse and garden furniture, as the people we support here love to be outside in the sun, in the garden. The problem is, the place is in disrepair – the shed needs a new roof and the furniture is falling apart. We’re hoping to fix this.”

Steve and his two friends, Ed Miller and Christopher Adams, know they could face some challenges in taking on the Screwball Rally. “What with spending all that time together, there’s a risk we could fall out during the week – we’ll all have to be on our best behaviour. There’s also the possibility of the car breaking down, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. We’re not too daunted, though – this is something completely new to all of us, but we’re really looking forward to it.”

If you would like to support the Madhatters in the Screwball Rally by making a donation, go to: www.charitygiving.co.uk/stevenspencer

Jennifer Daniels, marketing assistant.

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