Acquired brain injury

We can provide rehabilitation and support to you if you have an acquired brain injury – whether you have had the condition from early childhood, or have acquired it later in life, through an accident or illness.Read more


We support many people who are on the autistic spectrum – some are able to live independent lives with a small amount of support while others require specialist full-time support.Read more

Complex needs

Although we support people across the whole range of learning disabilities, we have particular expertise in supporting people with more complex needs – including people who other agencies have not been able to support. We have a strong track record in supporting people to move on and to enjoy a better quality of life.Read more


We support people with dementia to live as happily and independently as possible, while helping them stay connected to the people and activities that they care about.Read more


United Response provides a range of housing services. If you have a disability, we know how difficult it can be to find a home that meets your needs - and that’s why supporting people to find the right housing is such an important part of what we do.Read more

Intensive interaction

Intensive interaction helps our support workers focus on the needs of those who are often described as being non-verbal or who have no effective means of communicating with others.Read more

Learning disability

We work with young people and adults with a wide range of learning disabilities across England and Wales. To plan the right kind of support, we work closely with each individual and the people who are important to them. In this way, they get the support they want, in the way they want.Read more

Mental health needs

Mental health needs can be complex, enduring and deep-rooted. Because of this, our approach focuses on early intervention to help prevent more serious problems from occurring.Read more

Person centred support

We aim to support people in the way they want us to. To achieve this we use a person centred approach - putting the person at the centre of their support.Read more

Physical disability

We support young people and adults with a wide range of physical disabilities - from milder, to profound and complex, physical disabilities.Read more

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