Campaigning in partnership

United Response is a member of a number of coalitions and groups which campaign together for shared goals.Read more

Involving the people we support in our campaigns

We seek to involve and represent the views of the people we support in all of our campaigning work.Read more

Our campaigns

United Response campaigns on issues that are affecting the lives of the people we support. Find out about United Response’s current campaigns and how you can help us ensure that people with disabilities and mental health needs receive the best possible care and are recognised as equal participants in society.Read more

Our creative projects

Sometimes we work with people we support, artists and poets to produce creative projects. These look at life as a person with a disability in a new light, and can provide valuable routes to self-expression.Read more

Our policy work

The policy work we undertake represents the voice of people we support, to government, decision makers and to bodies undertaking consultations on learning disability and related issues.Read more

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