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Life Support – the difference between a daily existence and a fulfilling life

‘Life Support’ is a report created by United Response in collaboration with the Campaigns Panel, an informal network of people United Response supports, and their families who want to speak out on issues which are important to them.

The report explores what good support means to people with learning disabilities and why it is crucial that any reforms to social care lead to better quality support.

‘Life Support’ was created to inform the Government’s reform of social care. In Spring 2012, the Government is due to publish its Adult Social Care White Paper.

United Response believes that the Government must fully consider the recommendations from the Dilnot Commission’s report on reform of the long-term funding of social care within this White Paper.

It is also vital that the Government’s plans for social care address the issue of the quality of support received by individuals, as well as how the social care system is funded.

But what does quality support mean? To find out what good support looks like we asked the Campaigns Panel for their views.

Please add your support in raising awareness of the importance of good quality support by contacting your MP and urging them to push the Government to include the Dilnot Commission’s recommendations in the upcoming White Paper.

You can download the Word document outline letter we have produced to send to your local MP.

A well-funded social care system is essential to provide good quality, person-centred support, which, as the ‘Life Support’ report shows, makes such a crucial difference to people’s lives.