The way we work

We know that one size does not fit all and core to our support is treating each person as an individual and designing our support around them – not the other way round.

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The Way We Work framework

This Way We Work framework is a visual representation of our values and principles in providing support. It brings together the essential elements of our approach to supporting people: 


We organise ourselves and the resources available to us, in order to provide individual and effective support.


We work in a creative way to ensure that people can be heard – and listened to.


When reviewing our support we take action to ensure change, based on people’s actual experience.

We believe all people, regardless of disability or degree of ill-health, should have the same rights and opportunities as every other citizen. This informs all of our support.

The Way We Work framework enables us to accommodate a range of approaches, through which we can establish the best support package for any given person.

For more information please download the full Way We Work poster.

How we help