The determined Kate Knight, a 53 year old mother of four, is set to run her 10th Virgin London Marathon for United Response. Fundraising Officer, Mark Schueler had a chat with Kate to find out how she’s getting on in the build up to the big day.

Most people who do a marathon stop after one! Why do you keep coming back? 

I think it is down to my determined character. I’ve suffered setbacks in the past when training for marathons, from chest infections to having a back operation.

The back operations have made me think that you have a choice: you either sink or you pull yourself through it. I’ve kept going and it’s a great feeling when you cross the finish line.

What obstacles have you overcome this year?

In November I tore a cartilage in my left knee and had to have an arthroscopy in January. I’m pleased I was able to come back from this and after training hard, it’s feeling better.

What is your training regime?

I put in three to four hours a day, six days a week. I start in October and train through the cold winter months until the marathon in April.

What is your favourite marathon moment?

In 2011 I did the marathon 7 weeks post-op after my back operation. That is my biggest achievement! As you can imagine I was just really happy to make the finish line!

What spurs you on when you're running?

The crowds give you so much encouragement which keeps you going. My friends, family and colleagues have also been very supportive with sponsorship.

I have two family members with complex learning disabilities and am well aware of the challenges they face on a daily basis. I found out about the marvelous work United Response does with people with learning disabilities to improve the quality of their lives; this has proved a great motivation for me.

Interview by Mark Schueler, Fundraising Officer

To sponsor Kate, please visit her online fundraising page.