Callum and Lee live together in Independent Supported Living in North Shields. They both have autism and needed an environment within their home which would reduce anxiety and fulfil their sensory needs. That’s when support manager Carolyn Palmer and her team decided to raise funds to create a sensory garden, after the success of a sensory room.


A feast for the senses

Within a year, the team completely revamped the garden, making sure there was a section for each sensory need: bright colours have been painted to give it a vibrant look; a section of strong scented plants were placed to give it a wonderful floral smell; various equipment, such as a xylophone, has created a harmonious sound; and different textures lie all around the garden.


Seeing improvements

The 30 and 42-year-old enjoy spending the last of the summer days in the garden, and their families and friends have been regularly visiting too. “They are more relaxed” says Carolyn, who has been supporting the two for seven years. “Callum likes bright coloured objects and normally pulls them apart, but now he has left all the different features alone and just sits and watches them.”


The finishing touch

Carolyn is now fundraising for a hot tub as a finishing touch. Hot tubs have been proven to improve the social behaviour of people with autism. “We have no doubt we will have raised enough money by the end of the year to do so!”

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