Nigel Farage talks about UKIP’s policies on disability and the party’s manifesto.

Every Vote Counts, our campaign to make democratic information accessible ahead of the General Election, has the support of all five of the main UK political parties - the Conservatives, Greens, Labour, Liberals and UKIP – and United Response has been in touch with the offices of each of the party leaders to ask for a brief video interview.

We’re asking each leader whether more people with learning disabilities should take part in the democratic process, as well as what their party is doing to help disabled people.

UKIP reaches out to disabled voters

We caught up with the UKIP leader on the campaign trail to get his views on the importance of accessible voting.

Mr Farage said: “We want every community in this country to really understand what UKIP’s about before they decide who to vote for.”

Check out the video:

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John JC Cooper, campaigns manager.