Today is the 16th International Youth Day, a day which celebrates young people around the world. This year’s theme is ‘Youth Civic Engagement’, which highlights the inclusion of young people in politics, the economy and society in general.

At United Response we believe that people of all ages should be given the education, information and support they need to participate in political life wherever possible, and that’s why we started the Every Vote Counts campaign.

Young people are one of the hardest groups to reach in politics, and young people with a learning disability are an even more isolated group. That’s why we’ve created a website stocked with Easy Read information about getting involved in politics that’s useful to all age groups. The website shows how politics affects people’s lives and explains how the voting system works.

As well as providing accessible, easy-read information for people with learning disabilities who want to learn more about politics, the website provides advice for anyone who needs to produce accessible resources for their political campaigns.

Thanks to this year’s Every Vote Counts campaign, 43% of people we support voted in the 2015 general election, up 10% from 33% in the 2010 election. Many of these people were voting for the first time.

We believe that young people with a learning disability should have the opportunity to enjoy their youth, and to participate in all aspects of life that might interest them, including politics. That’s why, this International Youth Day, we’re celebrating the rights of the young people we support to learn about and get involved in politics, and we think this is a right that every young person around the world should share.

Helen Didymus-True, head of web and digital media.

Visit the Every Vote Counts website to find out more about politics