Who doesn’t need to be reminded of reasons to be happy? Modern-day life can take its toll and if traffic jams or train delays don’t get your blood boiling then rising prices will!

When it all gets too much, taking a few moments for yourself to make a revitalising brew and reflect on all the things that bring happiness to your life can do wonders to restore your composure.

For those of us who benefit from such regular reminders to keep smiling, a new product designed by a group of enterprising people we support with learning disabilities can provide an extra boost of uplifting positivity every time you wander into your kitchen.

The Suffolk-based team, who run the social enterprise Always 4 UR Events, have created and launched their very own tea towel, which encapsulates their positivity through 19 hand-illustrated images depicting ‘Things That Make Me Happy’.

A project that boosts spirits and business acumen

The team is composed of 10 directors with learning disabilities, who are aged between 25 and 50 years old. The directors are enjoying the opportunity to gain real-life experience of running an events business for 18 months in a safe environment, as a branch of the service’s Young Enterprise programme.

The Always 4 UR Events business specialises in events management and the directors each fulfil a specific business role, dealing with all aspects from booking venues and arranging catering through to forming customer relationships and liaising with the public.

So far, the team have organised an art exhibition, charity walk, bowling events, and are currently planning a spring ball and poetry competition. On top of all this, the directors regularly attend local networking events in their area to pitch for work. These experiences are giving them the chance to acquire employability skills and real-life experience of running a business, as well as enabling the team to develop professional confidence.

Support Always 4 UR Events

Profits from the sale of this latest product will be used to raise funds for the team’s next endeavour. ‘Things That Make Me Happy’ tea towels cost £5.50 each (including P&P) or £4.50 per item for bulk orders of five or more.

If you’d like to support the work of Always 4 UR Events by purchasing a tea towel or would like to find out more about their social enterprise, please contact Fiona Palmer at [email protected]

Fiona Palmer, project development manager.