Daniel is a singer/songwriter who has autism and was previously on the Channel 4 TV show ‘The Undateables’, featuring people with disabilities. We managed to get a quick interview with him on what it’s like touring with a band, his favourite musicians in the learning disability music scene, and how he’s getting on since being on TV.

When I first arrive at Daniel’s gig, there’s already people arriving early. As he walks around, a crowd of fans form to meet him. Daniel kindly talks to all of them, clearly still getting used to this newfound attention. As the support bands start playing, he’s still meeting his fans at this sold-out London show.

How did you first start making music?

I started to make music about 8 years. I met Tom Cook, my song writing partner in August 2009 at singing lessons, and Tom Cook is making music for me and we made The Black Of Lonely. Black of Lonely is one of my songs.

What was it like being on ‘The Undateables’?

All of the fans recognise me and I went to Todmorden and I performed at the Lion Pub, and I did very enjoy that with my songs of gigs and the girls rub my hair and take my photos with their cameras. And they bought my new remix album 'The Songs Of Gigs'

Do you get to chat with fans after your shows?

Yes, I met fans at Salford and Glasgow and I think London. I did autographs for my fans at the gig at London - I write it on the remix album and on the karaoke lyrics.

What has been your best gig to date and why? 
My favourite gig is DIY Space for London - it was great there. 

Do you have any favourite disability bands?

I have seen disabilities bands at Rock House. Beat Express is one of my favourites. 'Excited', I love that song. Catherine O'Rourke is really great, she was very popular angel, she is a bit like Celine Dion to me. 

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Daniel is currently crowdfunding to tour the UK with his band. You can help support him here:

Daniel's crowdfunding page