Angie Bennett is service manager at Krumbs Café in York and has worked for United Response for six years.

Krumbs is part of the United Response Training, Employment and Consultancy (UR TEC) service, funded by York City Council. UR TEC is a training facility that provides hospitality and catering training to local adults with learning disabilities.

'I first joined United Response in an administrative role recommended by a friend and soon worked my way up to service manager at Krumbs Café, despite the fact I had never worked in social care before.

My previous role was as a service manager for the motor trade and was very business orientated. I was a bit worried when I started as I had never worked in the industry before; however, I soon found that all of the staff at United Response were really supportive, and that my role at Krumbs had a strong business focus. This made me more confident in my abilities because I knew I would be offered the flexibility to learn the social care side of things as I went along, which was a great help.

Since joining Krumbs, we have grown and rebranded to become UR TEC. Krumbs Café and Café West are now used to facilitate some of the training elements of our work, and we also have two job coaches, who help people with learning disabilities to feel confident in the working environment in and around York, and ensure they can do their jobs.

Luke, a person we support in the local area, is now employed at Café West, as we understand the value of putting our money where our mouth is and showing others that employing someone with a disability is a positive opportunity.

My team also work on the consultancy side and we now have UR Consultants, who regularly translate Easy News, working with us in York as we move towards delivering autism training. This side of my job is a real change from my past role and is a great chance to work with the people we support while maintaining my expertise on the business side.

I’m really glad I made the change and got involved in a new challenge. It’s the perfect way to use my existing skills while feeling like I'm making a real difference to the local community.' 

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