In a typical street in the pretty suburb of Whitton (Middlesex) is a house with a busy and thriving community spirit.  The residents of Powder Mill Lane and their support workers opened their home and garden over the weekend to host an art exhibition for the local community.

The art exhibition was the first opportunity for Powder Mill Lane Manager, Michael to utilise his newly acquired marquee.  Michael was able to purchase the marquee by applying for a Small Sparks grant. Our Small Sparks Grant allows individual services within United Response to fund resources and projects aimed at assisting the people with support to engage with their local community and build ongoing relationships. 

The marquee housed the art exhibition in the garden and featured over 70 pieces of artwork all of which had been created by people supported by United Response in the South East division.   Over the weekend the art exhibition was visited by over 200 people including a number of the featured artists. All of whom clearly enjoyed seeing their artwork displayed for the public’s enjoyment. 

The exhibition was an outstanding success with 80% of the visitors being from the local community.  All that visited took the time to meet everyone who lives and works at the house and find out more about the work of United Response. The art exhibition created a convivial atmosphere for forging new and long lasting relationships with their immediate neighbours and the local community.

I was lucky enough to be able to visit on a Sunday to see for myself the quality and varied materials used to create the artwork displayed.  My particular favourite was a series of ice cream sculptures, they looked good enough to eat. 

The exhibition featured artwork displaying a wide range of abilities from simple mark-making through to accomplished still lives.  The simple joy of creating art has allowed the artists the opportunity to communicate through visual expression.  The art exhibition opened the community to the abilities of the people supported by United Response and gave each artist a sense of achievement and pride which was clear to see as they saw their work displayed.

Congratulations to the team at Powder Mill Lane on such as successful weekend.

Xanthe Breen, senior press officer.