When a local families group from Bognor Regis approached us to ask if we could help them organise a mini Postcards from the Edges exhibition, we were delighted! 

Heading down to set up the exhibition at the Regis Centre in Bognor reminded me of the scope of the project and how many different people have taken part in helping to make it such a success.

Fostering a sense of community

This particular exhibition featured, among others, a selection of postcards from local people. Budding artists also had the opportunity to display the postcards they had created by hanging their own postcard on the gallery walls, one of which can be seen here:


Postcards from the Edges has fostered a strong sense of community among contributors in Bognor, with this latest exhibition allowing local visitors to meet new people in their local area. It is also one of the many activities helping to support our campaign to combat social isolation, which often affects people with disabilities and mental health needs.

'A very different and very special display'

Belinda, a local parent of someone United Response supports, visited with her son and praised the exhibition as “a very different and very special display, with a quiet presence all of its own, yet representing so many different voices”. 

Belinda felt it summed up what all the voices of those involved were saying: that all the edges are connected to a shared centre of humanity, showing common hopes and fears, as well as an overarching sense of fun that is very inspiring and moving.

How you can get involved

Create your own postcard and upload it to the Postcards from the Edges website

Please click here to learn more about, and donate to, our Combating Social Isolation appeal.

Lindsey Simmonds, project manager.