The sun has got his hat on and it's getting us in the mood for our golf day on June 3rd at the prestigious Goodwood Golf Club in Sussex. 

But before we tell you about the event, we want to indulge with some golf-related fun facts!

  • The chances of making two holes-in-one in a round of golf are one in 67 million.
  • If you choose to walk, rather than ride the 18 holes, you will not only walk roughly four miles, but also burn 2,000 calories!
  • A golf hole is 4.25in in diameter because that was the size of a piece of drain pipe used to repair a hole at St Andrew's many years ago. The 18-hole course also originated at St Andrews.
  • To this day, golf is one of only two sports, along with the javelin throw, to have ever been played on the moon!
  • The first recorded female golfer was Mary Queen of Scots.

Perhaps you can be the one in 67 million to make two holes-in-one in a round?! Come along and join us on the acclaimed “Downs” Course, usually available to members only. The timing is extra special as it marks – almost to the day – the centenary of this famous course which has hosted a roll-call of past players which includes King Edward VIII and King George VI.

This year’s format is a little different; with the Steve “RIDER” cup being fought for by teams from United Response and charity DEBRA, our partners in this year’s event.

Tickets are just £230 per pair for an action packed day which starts with breakfast in The Kennels - a beautiful venue originally built in 1787 to house the hounds belonging to the Third Duke of Richmond and now home to Goodwood’s sporting members prestigious private club.

Teams will then head out onto the course for a tee time of 10am before returning for a well-earned late lunch, speeches and the all important prize-giving!

Lindsey Simmonds, project manager