It’s that wonderful time of year when journeys home in the dark and cold are becoming slightly more bearable thanks to the lights and various lit up animals outside people’s homes.

Neighbours compete for the best decorated house, whilst on the inside Christmas trees are being decked with hundreds of baubles.

With just two weekends before Christmas, now is a popular time for people to put up their decorations which is why on Day 14, we are asking you to offer to help a neighbour put their decorations up.

The history of putting up decorations dates back to the 15th century where in London houses and churches were decked with holly and ivy. Soon, the decorations became more elaborate and by the 18th century people were putting up Christmas trees and decorating them with lights and ornaments.

Nowadays we see incredible displays of lights including this house which has been decorated with lights that move along to Frozen’s ‘Let it go’:


Whilst it can be a joyous occasion - an excuse to crank up the music and get out the nibbles - we all know it can also be hard work getting up those ladders! If you have a neighbour who lives on their own, they may really appreciate a helping hand.

Or perhaps you could donate some of your decorations to those who may find themselves alone at this time of the year. Deliver them by hand and see if you can offer to put them up.

Natalie Millbank, community and event fundraiser