Corinna Hearmon joined United Response as a relief support worker in 2004, working a few shifts a week to fit around her university course. She then became a full-time support worker and is now a staff trainer. Corinna tells us about her highlights of working for us.


I joined a wonderful team at United Response, shadowing a great support worker who taught me to be truly person-centred. As my University degree came to an end, I got the support worker ‘bug’ and after some research, discovered The Tizard Centre.


I was supported by my area manager to apply for a place on a postgraduate course in ‘Analysis and Intervention in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities’. Here, I met some great students, and wonderfully knowledgeable and compassionate lecturers.


At the same time, United Response was asked to set up a dedicated service for a lovely man who sometimes exhibits challenging behaviour. Because of my studies and interests, I applied for the position of team leader and successfully took over the responsibility of working with this man.


As time went on, I took on more of a coaching role, beginning with staff training and moving on to mandatory and more theoretical person-centred training. For me, this is the highlight of my role – I love sitting with staff, being creative and learning about the people we support.

I really enjoy training staff and I learn a lot from them too. We really try to involve the people we support in training and having internal trainers is a great way to ensure we all understand United Response’s ethos.


I truly believe the person-centred training such as positive behaviour support and person-centred active support are crucial to being able to support people in a way that promotes control and independence. The teams I work with are passionate about getting their support right, so we are all on the same wavelength.


My area manager has been so helpful, without her being flexible I would have had to leave my job. Last year, I needed time at home due to the illness of a family member. I was told not to focus on my job, which was such a relief as I was able to concentrate on my home life without worrying.


This work is brilliant and enjoyable and, though it can be tough, every day is different. United Response are all about letting the people we support take control of their lives, not about doing everything for them which is really important for independence and wellbeing.


United Response provides great opportunities for training and progression. If you’d like to find out more about some of our other benefits then head to our jobs pages where you can apply for jobs and find out more.