Last week, United Response visited the Westminster offices of Disabilities Minister Mark Harper, who put his support on record for our Every Vote Counts campaign.

Every Vote Counts aims to raise awareness of voting among the 1.5 million adults in the UK who have a learning disability. Equally importantly, it also aims to encourage politicians themselves to make their own information accessible to people with learning disabilities - a vital step towards enabling fuller engagement and participation.

We were very pleased to get cross-party endorsement for Every Vote Counts at our official launch in November 2014, and even more delighted to secure agreement from the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat parties' disability spokespeople to be filmed voicing their support for the campaign.

Mark Harper MP: "the views of people with learning disabilities matter"

Last week, our campaigns manager, John, and I visited the offices of Mark Harper MP, the Disabilities Minister, to ask him to put his support on record. Mark was very enthusiastic about the project; indeed, it transpired that he had been the instigator of the move towards individual voter registration as a way of increasing both ownership and turn-out.

He was also very keen on the idea of easy read information as a way of making politics more accessible to everyone, not just people with learning disabilities - a message that we, too, are eager to get across!

Mark’s full interview will be featured in the next edition of Easy News. Meanwhile, he was kind enough to answer to a few of our questions on film:

Coming soon....

Look out for a special announcement next week on the appointment on our new Political Correspondent, who was shortlisted from among people we support with learning disabilities to raise awareness about voting and other important political issues.

Our correspondent’s first assignment will be to attend the All Party Parliamentary Group on Learning Disability’s special meeting on voting, which is taking place on 3 February. Watch this space for his report…

Have you checked out our previous videos of Kate Green MP and Paul Burstow MP giving their support to Every Vote Counts? If not, check out our dedicated Every Vote Counts YouTube playlist now. And don't forget to take advantage of the wealth of easy read resources on the Every Vote Counts website.

Diane Lightfoot, director of communications.