The latest edition of Easy News has hit the streets this week, packed full of details on the latest political, international and human interest stories.

Featuring news on the Conservative win at the General Election, the earthquakes in Nepal and the birth of Princess Charlotte as well as much more, the 15th edition of the world’s first easy read news magazine continues to share details of what is happening in the world in an accessible format.

Translated by people with learning disabilities for people with learning disabilities

Easy News was launched in 2013 to give people with learning disabilities the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of current affairs and how politics affects our daily lives.

An award-winning news magazine, Easy News is translated into an easy read format, using simple words and explanatory images to illustrate stories, by a team of people with learning disabilities and/or autism known as UR Consultants.

The consultants select news stories sourced from a number of newspapers to ensure a wide range of unbiased views. As experts of easy read employed by United Response, the group provides a number of practical solutions, carrying out audits of workplaces to ensure physical accessibility and signage and providing personalised disability training for organisations, to help communicate more meaningfully with people with learning disabilities.

Keeping readers up to date with politics and current affairs

In recent months, Easy News has supported Every Vote Counts, a major campaign designed to make politics accessible to all and to encourage all of the main political parties to commit to publishing easy read manifestos.

While the magazine aims to share information to support people to vote, it also aims to share information in between elections, empowering people with learning disabilities to take part in national debate and learn more about how news and politics affect them.

Diane Lightfoot, head of communications & policy at United Response, said: “United Response is committed to ensuring that people with learning disabilities and mental health needs are considered by the Government as part of any changes that may affect them. Empowering this disenfranchised group to learn more about politics and current affairs is an important part of realising that aim.”

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Gemma Taylor, media assistant.