Easy News was conceived in the hope of allowing people with disabilities to gain a greater understanding of current affairs and how politics affects our daily lives.

United Response formed a group of people we support known as UR Consultants, who provide a range of practical solutions for businesses, companies and organisations to help them communicate better with people with learning disabilities.

A number of these consultants attend a United Response workshop to work through the top stories of the month, translating them from a variety of news sources to create an easy read newspaper featuring simple words and relevant pictures and symbols.

To accompany the launch of the latest edition of Easy News, which features stories as broad as the birth of Prince George and the ongoing civil war in Syria, we have created a survey to find out how useful readers have found the newsletter and what they might like to change.

John, one of the UR Consultants who translates stories, said he thinks that the newsletter is really useful and interesting.

“I like the stories that are included about what’s been going on in the news because it allows me to find out more about the world.

"In this edition, I read the stories about Daniel Pelka and Syria and I liked them; I do read ordinary newspapers but all the words in Easy News are short and easy to understand.

"My wife struggles with words that are too long and it’s easier for her to read Easy News as other newspapers are too long; when we shorten it, it makes it look better and more understandable.”

We would like to know if other readers have found it helpful and if it has improved their understanding of public debate so we are sending out a survey with this month’s edition of Easy News.

Download the latest edition of Easy News

Email [email protected] if you have any ideas about what you like or would change about Easy News so that we can improve the experience for our readers.


Gemma Taylor, media assistant.