The world’s first easy read news magazine, Easy News, aims to inform people with disabilities about current affairs by offering a summary of key news stories using plain language and explanatory images.

In this edition

The cover of Issue 17 of Easy News showing the headline More migrants arrive in EuropeThe October edition of Easy News is tackling the complexities of the ongoing European migrant crisis, and terrorist attacks in France and Bangkok, as well as introducing the new leader of the Labour Party.

Also included are a variety of quick news summaries: this month’s edition includes news of UK sporting triumphs and the Queen becoming the longest reigning monarch in UK history.

Easy News seeks to encourage debate around a broad range of stories and keep people informed by simplifying the complex language that can often put people off finding out more about the news.

Translating to easy read

The heart and soul of Easy News are the UR Consultants, a team of people with learning disabilities/or autism. The consultants work from four different locations across the country, in small teams with support from our job coaches. Each team picks the news stories to translate into easy read format. During this process they remove any jargon, replacing it with simple wording that has the same meaning. All the short simplified sentences are accompanied with supporting illustrative images to retell the story.

One of the UR Consultants explained why their work is so important: 

“Everyone has some form of capacity to understand the news as long as it is made accessible. Easy News really focuses on the news by removing jargon and changing big words to smaller words that mean the same. We aim to make smooth and flowing news stories.”

Commenting on the new edition of the award-winning magazine, Diane Lightfoot, director of policy and communications at United Response, said:

“Yet again, our consultants have excelled themselves with the latest edition of Easy News. By tackling the harrowing details and language surrounding the ongoing European migrant crisis, the Easy News team are ensuring that our readers can better understand the ongoing coverage in the media.”

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Xanthe Breen, press manager.