As part of Every Vote Counts, our campaign to get more people with learning disabilities to exercise their right to vote, last week we launched a series of booklets that explain how politics works, the affect it has on us and how to get involved. Here, we explain the idea behind the first of the booklets, ‘How politics affects your life”.

Every Vote Counts was set up in a bid to encourage more people with a learning disability to get involved in politics, have a say in how politicians work and understand how politics affects their lives.

When the campaign was originally launched ahead of the last General Election in 2010, United Response provided easy read guides to voting, ensured that all main political parties made their manifestos accessible, and campaigned publicly to raise awareness of the fact that the majority of people with learning disabilities have the right to vote.

Being politically engaged and aware of current affairs is not just something that is important in the run-up to an election but at all times, allowing the public to make informed choices and understand how decisions made by politicians affect how people live.

That is why we launched Easy News, the first ever easy read news magazine that offers readers easy to understand, politically neutral summaries of key news stories and events.

One support worker, who reads Easy News to a group of people with learning disabilities, told us: “When it comes to voting, those we support don’t understand the connection between voting and politics and news stories. Easy News has been hugely beneficial as it’s really clear and precise, but open enough that they can make their own decisions on what stories mean.”

Our newly-launched trio of voting resources aims to improve understanding of the link between politics and everyday life. The first booklet, ‘How politics affects your life’, outlines how laws and people’s basic rights are implemented and explains how these impact on our daily lives.

The booklet explains how what you do, where you live and where you go are impacted by politics and highlights the basic rights of everyone in society.

Find out more about the resources or order hard copies.

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