Every Vote Counts, our campaign that champions accessible democratic information, aims to engage people with disabilities in voting by explaining the process and the impact that politics has on our daily lives. 

A series of newly-launched booklets have been designed to help people with learning disabilities and their supporters understand what politics is, how it works and how it affects people, and the second of these booklets ‘How Politics Works’ is explained here.

The second of our series of booklets ‘How Politics Works’ explains the role of MPs, how they are elected and the basic rights that the public have to share their opinions on political matters with politicians.

Using an easy read format which displays simple text and images
, the resource outlines the role and hierarchy of Government, the role of local politicians, councils and even MEPs, and the process of devolution.

The booklet also outlines how political parties are run, as well as the role of the House of Lords and royal family.

We believe that sharing this information in an easy read, unbiased way, allows people to better understand the significance of politics and to make an informed decision when it comes to the General Election 2015.

While our past campaigning back in 2010 saw the three main political parties create easy read manifestos, we want to ensure that all political parties pledge to do this as a matter of course, to prove their commitment to including those with disabilities in the national conversation.

If you would like to learn more about planning for next year’s election, take a look at our election planner. You can also sign up to our enewsletter for updates on the campaign.

We always welcome feedback so, if you have any comments on the resources that you’d like to share, please email us.

Gemma Taylor, media assistant