At the heart of our Every Vote Counts campaign, which aims to support people with learning disabilities to use their vote at the next General Election, is a set of easy read resources.

These resources have been created to make it easier to start discussions about the impact politics has on our everyday lives and how to engage in the democratic process. This blog concerns the third - and arguably most important - booklet in the series: 'How to get involved in politics'.  

All people with learning disabilities have the same right to vote as everyone else, regardless of their mental capacity. The Every Vote Counts campaign aims to improve the turnout of 1 in 3 disabled people, supported by United Response, who voted in the 2010 General Election. In order to achieve this aim, we need to galvanise every individual to use their vote.

The 'How to get involved in politics' booklet outlines the process of voting, including getting registered and the different ways people can vote; in person, by post or by proxy. The booklet also provides unbiased information about joining a political party and how to get involved in campaigning. 

The three booklets in the Every Vote Counts series - 'How politics affects your life', 'How politics works' and 'How to get involved' - are accompanied by a 'Supporter’s guide', which provides information on how to support people with learning disabilities and help them to understand how using their right to vote is empowering.  

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We always welcome feedback so, if you have any comments on the resources that you’d like to share, or if you'd like us to pop hard copies of the Every Vote Counts booklets in the post for you, please email us.

Xanthe Breen, senior press officer.