Within our services, we offer the people we support opportunities for skill building. Recently, our Richmond office hosted a First Aid Awareness Night.

"One of the people we support in the group has epilepsy", Activities Coordinator Jesse Finlay said, "And we thought it would be useful for the other members of the group to know what to do in an emergency."

An individual crouching over a first aid dummy.An individual getting a sling fitted on them.

The [X] group meets every Tuesday and during their First Aid Awareness Night they covered a variety of topics including CPR, the recovery position, slings and what to do in case of cuts, burns and epileptic fits.

"Pumping to the beat of 'Staying Alive' was fun and everyone had a good laugh when we got in pairs to make slings," Jesse added.

The night was successful with everyone involved enjoying themselves and learning new skills that could help themselves and others in the future.

Ray, 62, a person we support, said, "I found that night very interesting and I learned a lot. Depending on the situation, I think I would be able to use my new skills to help".

Jesse also reports that they may repeat the awareness night, and even open it up to the general community in order to spread more awareness.

An individual putting someone in the recovery position.