Fran Williamson, six-time Paralympic swimming medalist and five-time World Champion, sent us a poem inspired by our current social isolation campaign.

As one of our Vice Presidents, Fran is a committed supporter of United Response’s work. She designed one of our 2014 Christmas cards, cheered on our cyclists in the pouring rain during Ride London, and inspired many of the people we support to swim at our In The Swim events.

Now she’s written us a poem and we hope it inspires you to get involved in our campaign, too.


A world full of festive cheer
Bright eyes begin to sparkle
Turning on Christmas lights
Screams so full of joy
But what of the people
Looking through the window?
Looking through the window
Staring out at Christmas cheer
Streets of happy people
Their shiny presents sparkle
Parties with laughter and joy
Guided by the brightest lights
What if we were guiding lights
For those at the window?
Bringing love and joy
As well as festive cheer
Watch for the sparkle
Changing lives of people

At Christmas we rely on people
To be our shining lights
What if there is no sparkle?
Looking through the window
Missing out on festive cheer
Just a wave brings utter joy
Offerings of good will and joy
Place love in the hearts of people
Giving humankind a cheer
Share out the festive lights
For those at the window
Where there may be no sparkle
Imagine life with little sparkle
Silence without the joy
For those at the window
Memories missing people
A tree without lights
Festivities deprived of cheer
There is no sparkle without people
Share the joy, be others' lights
Open the window and give them cheer