Amber Thorne hosted a chocolate making workshop where she raised valuable funds for United Response.

Now she’s got the fundraising bug, Amber has chosen to once again raise money for United Response as part of the nationwide 4tea events and tells us her reasoning behind her fundraising.

1. Could you tell me a bit about your workshops and what inspired you to start them?

My career in all things health and wellbeing began as a Nutrition Advisor. I was passionate about delivering products that combined the best of science and nature. One day, my mentor introduced me to the benefits of eating raw foods, and taught me a healthier alternative to chocolate. I've been making my own homemade chocolate ever since and want to share it with others.

2. Why did you choose to raise money for United Response?

I do my best to make a positive difference and saw that I could do this on a bigger scale by supporting a charity that shares similar values to me. I have fundraised in the past and it's great to give people the chance to help others while doing something worthwhile for themselves too. United Response has an office in Littlehampton where I live so I thought that it would be good to support something locally that is also making a difference on a national level too.

In recent years, my grandmother and cousin have faced physical disabilities and so the hard work and efforts that United Response undertake daily to help people in similar situations means a lot to me.

I also love that it's about "support that changes with you". This is exactly what I stand for and lead with in my ‘Wellness Matters Academy’ - supporting and guiding people to empower them to help themselves in the future too.

3. Could you tell me a bit about the event you ran?

At the event, I showed people how to make a healthier alternative to chocolate. We looked at the nutritional benefits of the ingredients used, discussed ways forward for a healthier relationship with food and, of course, ate lots of chocolate!

Participants on the evening were from wide range of backgrounds – there was a chef, nature photographer, massage therapist, manager, business coach, retired social worker and service users from United Response.

4. You raised £71 on the night for United Response - how did you fundraise on the day?

We raised money with a raffle – with a beautifully crafted chocolate making kit up for grabs. There were also chocolate moulds available to purchase for those who wanted to use these for their chocolate creations, and money raised from these went to United Response too.

5. Would you recommend fundraising events to other people that have skills they can share?

I highly recommend that anyone who has a skill, runs workshops or an online event, to share what they know best and make a difference at the same time.

That's what we're here to do - to help each other reach our fullest potential and live life in more joyful and creative ways. United Response helps people to do this. I just did, and so can you!

On 23rd June, Amber will be hosting another workshop and raising money as part of United Response’s nationwide 4tea event. For more information on the event head to

If you would like to host your own 4tea party for United Response – it can be anything from inviting a couple of neighbours over for tea, to a workshop like Amber’s – you can find out more information about signing up here: