This Christmas, we’re asking you to give what you can to help us combat the social isolation experienced by many people with disabilities and mental health needs. 

People we support often tell us that developing lasting relationships within the local community is the thing that is most important to them, but that they find hardest to do. This can cause them to lead very lonely and socially isolated lives.

It is incredibly significant for the people we support to be able to play an active role in their local area and connect meaningfully with those around them, which is why we are asking you to please donate what you can to support our work this Christmas.

We need your help to prevent these individuals from feeling alone; you can do this by giving them the chance to get together with other people in their neighbourhood by setting up groups, social events or activities.  

For most of us, holidays and the weekend are the busiest times in our social calendars, but for others they can be the loneliest. One person we support said: 

“I find weekends and bank holidays the loneliest times as everything shuts down and, unless you are quite mobile, have a car and can get out and about, you might not see anyone at all."

How your money helps

Every donation we receive will fund local events and projects aimed at helping disabled people and those with mental health needs to meet others in their community and make new friends.

A great example of an event like this was held earlier this year at one of our services in Chesterfield. They hosted an all-singing, all-dancing Wild West tea party - and we made a fantastic video of the event. Take a look:

If you'd like to support more work like this, please make a donation today.


Social isolation is one of the biggest barriers facing many of the people supported by United Response. We need your help to combat it together – we can’t do it alone!


Sarah Riddlestone, fundraising assistant