After hearing both people we support and staff speak at our Carol Service in 2015, Kevin and his wife, Karen, were inspired to give a generous donation of £1,000 towards community projects in Richmond. We spoke to Kevin about what this meant to him.


“There are hundreds of charities in our area doing brilliant work so why did we choose to give money to United Response?

I work in public service organisations. I've seen the many different ways organisations choose to provide services. And of course, some are more successful than others. One theme common to all the successful ones is the value and emphasis the organisation places on treating people as individuals.

We are all different and we all have different needs and preferences. It is fruitless and a bit insulting to lump people together because of common traits like age group or culture. How much more important is it then to recognise people with learning difficulties and unique challenges around communication as individuals.

This is what United Response does and why we donated money to support their work.”

People we support in Richmond expressed that there was a lack of accessible art groups in their local community. So Kevin and Karen helped to fund five projects including; a painting group, a drawing group, a walking and photography club, a creative club and monthly community podcasts run by people we support.

Last month Kevin visited one of our services in Richmond, where they were hosting a community 4tea morning. They held a raffle with donations from local businesses, decorated cakes and exhibited work from some of the creative clubs Kevin helped to fund.

Jesse Finlay, Activities Co-ordinator, and event organiser said:

"It was great to see him come along and get to see what impact his money had on some of the people we support. The community is really supportive in general and I think the 4tea morning helped us strengthen those relationships."


Local MP Tania Mathias also popped along to show her support. The day was a success in bringing the community together and they raised over £100 to boot.

Kevin said:

“On my visit I saw first-hand how our donation had been put to great use and how it was having a real impact on individual lives. We are very proud to have helped out in this small way; proud of how happy Lauren was to have her painting picked out; proud to be associated with an organisation and group of people that are so clearly devoted to patiently supporting and understanding some of the most vulnerable people from my community.

Give it some thought. You can make difference. Get in touch with United Response.”

Your support comes in many forms and always goes a long way. So whether you would like to make a donation, host a 4tea morning or support us in another way, we would love to hear from you!


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