Jan is a senior support worker at a deaf service in Ipswich.

Almost all of the communication in the house is using sign language and many of the staff who work at the house are hearing impaired or deaf.

Jan learned how to sign before she started working for United Response. She has since developed her skills through more sign language courses.

Before joining United Response, Jan worked for BT. While she was at BT she enrolled in an evening class to learn how to sign.
“I was just interested in learning something new”, said Jan. “I had never imagined I would be able to use it in a job.”

After she left BT she applied for a job in one of United Response’s deaf services.

She said she couldn’t believe it when she found out that she got the job. “You feel quite humble. Before I started working here I was just looking after my own family. Now I realise there is so much I can help with here as well”.

“Since I started working at the service, United Response has given me the opportunity to take more courses in sign language, so now I can communicate with the service users even better”, Jan said.