Julia, Kate and Sophie are three active friends who live together, enjoy holidays and take part in extreme sports. They also run their own jewellery-making enterprise that has raised £3,000 on top of their salaries. All three have learning disabilities. 

Julia has a mild to moderate learning disability but is extremely active and fun-loving - she loves to be the centre of attention! Julia loves to go on skiing holidays with her mum, dad and sister, Kate. Julia lives with Kate and their friend Sophie. All three women are extremely house proud and enjoy the independence of owning their own house.

United Response’s support allows the ladies to maintain a high level of independence by encouraging them to make the most of their individual budgets.

The budgets now cover 100% of the cost for support because the ladies are able to split the costs between themselves; for example all three receive three hours support between 7am and 10am, an expense that they share, paying for one hour of support each.

By ensuring that Julia, Kate and Sophie make the most of their individual budgets the support workers also make sure that the ladies can afford to fund their favourite activities. For Kate and Sophie this means being able to go horse riding and take part in sports.

The friends have been able to use their budgets to achieve flexibility, a wider network of friends and participate within their local communities. The budget has also given the ladies more 1:1 support and therefore an opportunity to develop their skills.

Sophie uses this extra 1:1 support to volunteer in a charity shop for one day a week. Julia has used her support to help her develop confidence skills and, following a staggered confidence building programme, can now use the bus independently.

The flexible support United Response provides enables Julia, Kate and Sophie to take control and live the life that they choose.

If you or someone you know has a disability or mental health needs and is looking for support, you can make an enquiry through our Get Support lines:

-By calling 0800 0884 377

-By following the link to the Get Support Form, where you can fill in the details of your enquiry and we can contact you to discuss the support needs

-By emailing us at [email protected]

Caroline Lloyd, marketing intern.