Justyna Waszkiewicz has been working for United Response for over five years. She is a service manager in an outreach service in the Darlington area. We asked Justyna to tell us what drew her to United Response.  

I was working in a sales driven environment and recognised my work-life balance was non-existent. In order to take a real part in the upbringing of my son and be a fulfilled mother, I realised I needed a change in direction.

Moving sectors was not easy. I felt a little out of depth but believed strongly in perseverance. I knew United Response was unique in offering training opportunities to those wishing to progress. I keenly signed myself up for all kinds of training and gained qualifications, including Diploma Level 5 in management.

Knowing the organisation took into account transferable skills, I was able to offer my knowledge in recruitment to help set up some new, large-scale contracts. It was apparent that my views were being listened to, which is a great feeling considering the size of United Response! It never feels like you are an anonymous cog in their support machinery.

I joined United Response with my mind set on progression. I knew it wouldn’t happen overnight and although my management experience was vast, I was lacking knowledge of supporting people with learning disabilities. I needed the hands-on experience that United Response would provide and they supported me to progress in the areas that I needed to further my career.

I feel fortunate to be a part of a dedicated and passionate team. We all work on the same level with the same aim in mind. We take care of the people we support with the same commitment and I can safely say that I learn something new every day from each of my fellow staff members.

For anybody considering a change in career, United Response is a safe bet. As long as you have the right principles and share the sense of commitment, passion and motivation, you will be rewarded.

If you’d like to find out more about joining United Response, take a look at our jobs page where you can find our latest vacancies.