United Response was honoured to be invited to host an employment presentation at the Learning Disability Today conference in London.

We used the session to shine a light on the enduring disability employment gap and share proven approaches that we have found effective in supporting individuals with disabilities into work.

"Closing the disability employment gap is all about giving people a fair chance."

Tim Cooper

Journey into the world of work

The presentation was hosted by our Chief Executive, Tim Cooper, alongside Luke Hamilton from Toucan Employment and Kayleigh accompanied by her support worker Matt. Kayleigh and Matt brought a smile to everyone’s face by performing an entertaining re-enactment of Kayleigh’s journey into the world of work. It followed her journey from being unemployed, with "no reason to get out of bed in the morning", through to working with our supported employment team which helped her to conquer challenges she faced along the way. 

If you fancy a giggle watch this hilarious video of Kayleigh and Matt in action!

Enriching our society

Tim Cooper explained that organisations such as United Response welcome the Government’s commitment to close the Disability Employment Gap, but highlighted it’s vitally important that the Government also commits to closing the ‘double gap’ that people with a learning disability face. Although this will require initial investment, the economic and social returns from this will undoubtedly reward both the Exchequer as well as enriching our society.

Do you need help finding a job? 

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