A photo of Liz MurdochLiz Murdoch first got into knitting for causes after having a stillborn baby 29 years ago.

"It was difficult because there wasn't a way to cope at the time and this is a way of providing a bit of comfort for parents," Liz says.

She would knit tiny socks and mittens or sympathy squares for parents and since then has been knitting for special care baby units, cancer patients and other charities -- and that brought her to a wide variety of Knit and Knatter groups.

"Everyone just got together and shared a skill with each other.

"The groups helped because we can all learn from each other. Someone can always do something that someone else can't do. And if they can't do it, maybe it's because they just haven't tried it."

Now, Liz is setting up a Knit and Knatter group to raise funds for United Response where she works as a support worker to Heidi in Newmarket who is 35 years old.

About the Knit and Knatter

The main goal of the group is to gather the community together in Ipswich and interact with each other and have a bit of fun. Liz worked with the elderly for 15 years before joining United Response and has now been working for adults with learning disabilities for 3 years. She knows Knit and Knatter is a great way to reach out. "A lot of people just sit at home and knit, but this gives them the opportunity to come and be part of a group."

The group will provide wool and refreshments and anyone is welcome to start a new project, bring their own, learn something new or just natter if they'd like. All are welcome.

"And it's not just for women!" Liz adds, "You can knit anything-- socks, hats and mittens. It's quite an achievement when you can knit them yourself."

Having worked with Heidi for 3 years, Liz is hoping that Knit and Knatter will help the people we support feel more a part of their community.

How to come to Knit and Knatter

The next Ipswich Knit and Knatter will be held on Wednesday 17 August 2016 from 11am to 1pm at the United Response Area Office. If you'd like to attend, contact Liz Murdoch at The Hawthorns on 01638 669 602 or at [email protected].