Socialising with your peers and engaging in your favourite hobbies is what being a teenager is all about; however for disabled teenagers, it can be difficult to find opportunities to ‘hang out’ with your friends.

This is why United Response has teamed up with Woodlands School to set up Movers & Shakers club for disabled teenagers in Surrey.

Movers & Shakers club offers teenagers the chance to relax and have fun with their peers. The club has been designed to focus on both sport and social activities and allows students to just ‘hang out’ after the school day.

We are now four weeks into Movers & Shakers club – and what a busy four weeks these have been:

  • Week one: ‘getting to know you games’ which included parachute games and lots of singing.
  • Week two: we had an autumn theme which meant making a big mess with crunchy leaves and exploring our artistic talents by decorating leaf shaped biscuits.
  • Week three: after our favourite parachute games and a quick game of Boccia we got out the Wii and had a game of Just Dance.
  • Week four: an evening of pamper and massage.

We have three more fun-filled weeks of term left, which will end with a much anticipated Christmas party.

Movers & Shakers club not only offers teenagers a chance to relax with their friends, it also offers the families of our eleven club attendees a vital respite service.

If you would like to know how United Response could support your child please contact:

-   Telephone: 0800 0884 377
-   Email : [email protected]


Caroline Lloyd, marketing intern.