This week (9 - 15 June) is the sixth annual My Money Week. Run by pfeg – the personal financial education group – this year’s event launches new resources for primary and secondary age children and young people.

The theme is “citizenship and money in the news” and so it seemed timely to remind all our regular blog readers of some of the resources that we’ve created to help the people we support to be full and active citizens – including supporting them to manage their own money.

Making Money Easier  is a series of guides produced by United Response in partnership with a wide range of organisations including ARC, the Friends Provident Foundation, HSBC, the Financial Services Authority and the Department of Work and Pensions.

The guides were created to support people with direct payments or personal budgets after research showed that jargon and inaccessible information was one of the biggest barriers to banking and money management for people with learning disabilities – because after all, it’s pretty difficult to manage your own personal budget if you can’t access a bank account.

We quickly realised that the guides had a much wider application in providing an overview of banking and money management for anyone who isn’t confident in this area. So, if you want to understand the different between a direct debit and a standing order, or to find out just why home contents insurance is so important, these guides are for you!

There are six guides in the series:

  • Choosing and opening a bank account
  • Using a bank account
  • Explaining some of the words used in banking
  • Your money, your home
  • Your money, your insurance
  • Moving on and planning ahead.

You can download all of the Making Money Easier guides now.

If you have ideas for other easy read resources we might be able to provide then please get in touch! Email me at [email protected] – we’d love to hear your ideas!

Diane Lightfoot, director of communications and fundraising.