When we launched Easy News last year, we hoped that it would provide people with learning disabilities with accessible information about the news and equip people to speak out on issues important to them. 

With over 3,000 readers per issue, the magazine has become a regular and reliable source of news, inspiring many to talk about big stories they might otherwise have struggled to find out about.

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With just under a month to go until the local elections and European Parliament elections and campaigns already well underway, now is a good time to start thinking about whether you want to vote and who to vote for.  However, people with learning disabilities - even if they think voting is important - can find it difficult to understand the language used by politicians.  This is why the latest edition of Easy News features a piece explaining the European elections, which we hope will help to start discussions among people with learning disabilities.  With just over a year until the general election, this year’s local and European elections are a good opportunity to talk about voting and why it’s important.

This edition of Easy News also features stories about the crisis in Ukraine, the use of foodbanks and the missing Malaysian Airline plane MH370.  Both the situation in Ukraine and continued search for flight MH370 made for difficult reporting as the stories changed on almost a daily basis.  Our team of easy read consultants work by picking out the key facts of each major story and turning them into an accessible article – a real challenge when the facts keep changing.  The stories are still developing and we will continue to update our readers in future editions.

As well as a new look, this edition of Easy News introduces a new section called ‘Quick News’.  Feedback from our readers told us that people wanted more stories in Easy News, but without making the magazine much longer it was difficult to see how that would be possible.  That’s when our team of consultants hit on the idea of ‘Quick News’.  By replacing a longer story with several shorter stories, we were able to report on more issues than usual, making this the most up-to-date issue of Easy News yet.  Why not send us an email and tell us what you think about Quick News?  We always like to hear feedback from our readers!

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Rachel Bowen, Campaigns Officer