It is that time of year again, when we all start thinking about what we want to achieve and change over the next 12 months.

In a survey carried out by YouGov in December 2014, two thirds (63%) said that they intended to set themselves at least one resolution for 2015.

Sadly, however, when asked how they had fared in previous years at keeping their resolutions, the same survey revealed that 41% of those who set resolutions tended to break them within the first 3 months and only 10% of respondents generally kept resolutions for the whole year.

So, if we really want to achieve those commitments we make to ourselves each January, then why don’t we?

Having unrealistic goals and a lack of motivation are the main culprits for our waning willpower, according to a recent Guardian article on the subject, looking at how science can be used to help us keep our resolutions.

The article highlights that for behaviour change to occur people must have the capability, the opportunity and the motivation to achieve their goals.

Perhaps many of us are wishing that we asked for those on our Christmas list this year, but the good news is that this shows that new year’s resolutions don’t have to be doomed to fail. If we set ourselves a goal that is achievable for us personally, which we honestly want to accomplish and create an environment (often new habits) that encourage us to do it then we can. Even willpower, often assumed to be a personality trait, can be developed, according to research referenced in the same article.

Find some inspiration

So where can you go to find that motivation and opportunity, and advice on creating new habits? How about United Response’s RideLondon 2016 page?

True, a 100-mile bike ride may not be everyone’s idea of achievable, but we can certainly provide you with the motivation – check out our fundraising pages to see the difference that your fundraising makes - and we can help you to create new habits with our cycling pack. And hearing from our past cyclists may help you realise that it is achievable too.

What can we offer you?

• Full support and advice from our events team (as well as cycling jersey, on the day support)
• The opportunity to cycle the 100-mile Olympic route
• The feel-good factor from knowing that the money you raise changes lives.

What are you committing to?

• A minimum sponsorship of £450 (plus £25 registration fee)
• A life-changing experience.

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If you want to make a change this year, not only for yourself, but also for others, then Ridelondon could be for you.

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Sarah Bartlett, head of press and appeals.