Had you told me a few years ago that I'd be participating in a major London cycling event, I wouldn't have believed you.

It's not to say I was a complete stranger to the gym or even to working out, but something as big as a sporting event would have definitely intimidated me. I spent a good six months walking to work from Peckham and I decided, when I started working in Wimbledon, it was time to try and cycle to work.

A bit of a huge leap to make, but I decided cycling a total of 16-18 miles five days a week would be a good warm up for the potential of doing an event and when the signups came around for RideLondon, I put my name on the ballot for the 46.

The race is on 

Since I got the word three weeks ago that I'm officially part of RideLondon 46, I've trekked all of the way to Richmond Park in the bright early weekend mornings to do my best to train.

The first time, I was just trying to see how long I could stay on my bike without tapping out. It takes me roughly an hour to get to Richmond Park, so I decided to try and cycle for 2 hours with only a short break in between. I'd cycled previously for an hour and a half in Battersea Park in the rain, so I was trying my best to break it.

If you've never cycled in Richmond Park before, and I hadn't, there is a massive hill which, when you approach clockwise, is an intense trek up. My pedalling got slower and slower as I approached the hill and even though I've gone now three times, I still do have to get off of my bike and walk up the last stretch, but I push myself each time.

Last weekend, I managed a total of four laps around Richmond park which, along with my journey to and from the park, is roughly 44 miles. While I'm still not sure if I'm going fast enough for the journey, I'm going to keep training every weekend until the fateful Sunday on 30 July.

Cycling for a cause

If you'd like to help, my aim is to raise £450 for United Response. I've visited several services while working at United Response and I can definitely say that by donating to United Response, you'll be giving to a worthy cause.

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