Sam and Chris are two people we support who met whilst completing their training placements at Krumbs Kitchen in 2012. They soon became friends and together they started formulating an aspiration to open their own café business.

Since both adults have mild learning disabilities, they knew they would require a little support to make their dream a reality, and so they talked to their support staff who assisted them with putting together a business plan.

The duo and their support staff needed to think innovatively for the start-up to be feasible and together they found bespoke solutions to fulfil the friends’ needs. Their imaginative ideas included recruiting a volunteer to support the entrepreneurs with their business, as well as sourcing food and facilities from Krumbs Kitchen in order reduce expenditure.

As with many new ventures, there were a number of initial hiccups that threatened to undermine their idea and wash away their dream. The pair felt their hearts sink when their café volunteer decided to move on without warning. And they were further devastated by the harsh realisation that the business needed to reduce overheads in order to turn a profit.

The fact that the friends persevered in the face of considerable hurdles is proof of their determination to see their vision realised. By January 2014, the York based entrepreneurs were back on track to launch their unique enterprise which sets them apart from the standard café offerings across the city.

The duo were beaming with pride as they opened the doors to their Community Café at Krumbs Kitchen for the first time at the official launch on 29th January 2014. Their business is based in the centre of York and puts the kettle on every Wednesday from 10am until 2pm.

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