On the last weekend before David Cameron went to see the Queen and the campaign proper for the UK General Election began, United Response attended a special hustings on disability in Twickenham.

Our Political Correspondent David Allkins was there to report on the issues raised and see how each of the political parties addressed them.

Right from the very start, feelings were running high. It was clear that disability is an emotive subject - and one that is at the very centre of 2015’s General Election campaign. 

Democratic participation for all

Many people were very unhappy about how disabled people have been affected by austerity measures.

Candidates dealt with the difficult question of how - at a time when responsible spending is a must for any party that has a realistic chance of forming a Government - they could also ensure that the most vulnerable people in society have enough money not only to survive on, but that they also have the opportunity to be active citizens and play a key role in their communities and wider society.

This subject is at the heart of what United Response does. We believe that people with disabilities are equal participants in society, and should have the same rights and opportunities as everyone else. This is the vision we work towards and the reason we exist.

Cue the Every Vote Counts campaign

It’s also the reason why our Every Vote Counts campaign is encouraging as many of the 1.5 million voters who have a learning disability to vote at the upcoming General Election as possible. Any party that does not engage with these voters in an accessible way does not have a full mandate to govern.

We want the voice of people we support to be heard by politicians at Westminster. We also urge all candidates standing in this election to make sure their message reaches and is easily understood by people with learning disabilities. Candidates can use the Every Vote Counts website to learn how to do this.

David's latest video

David Allkins has been working tirelessly to press this message home. At the disability hustings in Twickenham, he had one question in particular to ask the candidates.

Find out what it was in his latest report:

John JC Cooper, campaigns manager.