The Every Vote Counts campaign is gaining momentum! We’ve had interest from people we support, service managers and national politicians.

But the campaign is all about reaching out to people with learning disabilities to make them aware of their right to take part in the democratic process, and the accessible information that facilitates their ability to do this.

To this end, this week, our political correspondent David Allkins speaks with colleagues he works with in our Truro branch in Cornwall.

When he is not roaming the streets as our political correspondent, David works as an administrator in the Truro office and also as a UR Consultant, translating documents into easy read format to make information more accessible to people with learning disabilities.

In this week’s film, David decided to speak directly to the grass roots; having questioned politicians at Westminster, David wanted to revisit the people he works alongside every day to ensure that their voices are being heard.

What people with learning disabilities had to say

Our consultants told David that they want to make politicians aware of the importance of encouraging people with learning disabilities to vote, and that they would like to open some sort of dialogue.

They made the point that if politicians learn more about easy read, and how to translate complex information into more accessible formats, then both voters and candidates will benefit.

United Response wants all candidates from all parties to be aware of the potential support of the 1.5 million people with learning disabilities who are eligible to vote.

In his next report, David will be taking these ideas to candidates standing in the upcoming General Election. He will ask candidates and local electoral services what they are doing to make sure all people with learning disabilities are able to exercise their democratic rights.

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John JC Cooper, campaigns manager.