Throughout our creative project Postcards of Hope, we have been fascinated by the broad variety of themes that are covered by our contributors, who have shared words of wisdom and healing prose in order to tell their story.

While some have focused on well-known phrases and literary quotations, others have featured religious sayings, encouraging people to look beyond themselves for change and wellbeing.

Vinny’s postcard ‘Calm your Mind’ asks us to “Look at the sky..Marvel at the wonder”, with pictures of yoga and meditation below a starry sky. Calling us to “accept what life brings…but do not dwell on it”, the card features the words of Buddha.

Explaining the inspiration behind her submission, Vinny said: “My postcard represents the four main elements that when conquered, allowed me to become whole again. A new me, better equipped to deal with everyday stresses.

“Meditation helped me calm my mind and, through practice, ultimately my life. Yoga gave me added strength and was beneficial to my wellbeing.

“Ying yang reminds me about balance; I even had the sign tattooed on my left ankle so that I can contemplate this while meditating! The sky is amazing and calming, there is so much to learn just by looking upwards. Hours can pass watching the sky without me even noticing.”

Coping with everyday stresses as well as committing to a healthy lifestyle is something touched on by Black Rainbow written by author Rachel Kelly and can be invaluable in overcoming anxiety and depression.

Vinny concluded: “My hope is that the message in my postcard can be understood and help someone on the road to recovery. We are all unique and we all have different ways of healing.

“We must help ourselves (with support), and be mindful and selective about our thoughts, and we need to make time for ourselves to relax and be calm to enable us to really heal.”

Gemma Taylor, media assistant.