Every week, we highlight an individual postcard from our Postcards from the Edges campaign to challenge the perceptions of disability while allowing the person to express what is important to them.

The full collection of cards can be viewed on the Postcards from the Edges  website and there is still time to contribute by commenting on cards, sharing them on Facebook and Twitter and creating your own.

Cards cover subjects ranging from health and challenges to aspirations and change that people want to see to encourage an inclusive society.

This week’s card ‘Disability and Sexuality’ by Ankit explores a taboo subject and confronts the need for a public discussion and improved education around the topic, challenging the idea that people shouldn't have access to such information.

“Disability and Sexuality education has always been seen as a gray area,” Ankit explains.

“Disabled people are either seen as asexual or hyper-sexual, unable to make choices on informed consent and at the same time, enjoy their sexuality.

“Sexuality is something that is seen as a danger, never from the pleasure point of view. I try to challenge the idea that disabled people have the equal right to be sexual, to access sexual and reproductive health services and information.”

As our exhibitions continue across the country, we are inviting anyone who has created a postcard, along with anyone who would like to view a selection of the entrants, to exhibitions at the following locations:

Gateshead – The Sage Gallery – 1-4 October

Bristol – GrantBradleyGallery, Bedminster – 10-25 October

Liverpool – Camp and Furnace – 5-10 November


Gemma Taylor, media assistant.