As our creative project Postcards from the Edges extends its exhibitions across the country, we continue to receive new postcards focusing on living with disability in the modern world.

While Postcards from the Edges seeks to portray the everyday nature of disability, one postcard, Simon’s ‘Boldly going where no CP has gone before' defies the idea that disabled people might be unable to take part in physical activity.

Simon believes it is important to highlight differences while maintaining a sense of pride in what he has achieved.

“I think for myself, I am proud of how I am as someone with cerebral palsy and I am happy to be seen as difficult, in a way that is not always publicly acceptable, using the power of 'freakism'.

"I have always seen myself as an equal and therefore want to experience everything in the same way as non-disabled people, while understanding I need to do it in my own way. I think my postcard raises issues of identity and pride, something not always accepted by society and some disabled people.

"I have never seen why cerebral palsy has to stop me enjoying the same experiences as anyone else. So I am positive in what I do and going 'where no cp has gone before'.”

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Gemma Taylor, media assistant.