Postcards of Hope is a creative project which seeks to encourage the sharing of inspirational and powerful words which have brought you hope.

It follows the success of Postcards from the Edges, which asks people to express themselves through artwork on postcards.

A recent addition to the new campaign is Kate Holding’s postcard ‘Hope’. Kate’s postcard simply and effectively offers perspective on the sense of inner turmoil and uncertainty that can intrude on the lives of those with depression and other mental health issues.

Kate explains: “These four little words have helped, do help and will continue to help me in all sorts of situations.

“’This too will pass.’ It does, it will.

“As I write this, I am suffering the after effects of yet another migraine. In the midst of the pain, dizziness and nausea, I feel like I am never going to feel any different.

“During times of pain, fear, despair, grief and anxiety, we have to remember that nothing lasts for ever.

“We don't.

“It's true of happiness (unfortunately). We will all at some time in our lives feel less than happy, we will know loss.

“But this too will pass.”

If you have any positive words to share on a postcard, please find out more on the Postcards from the Edges website, where you can create and upload a card of your own.

Gemma Taylor, media assistant.