Postcards of Hope is a creative campaign which calls on those affected by mental health issues and depression to share something which has given them hope on a blank postcard.

Submissions have ranged from the pensive to the potent, with some creators focussing on the frustration they can feel during times of darkness.

Others, though, centre around messages of encouragement, serving as a reminder of the importance of concentrating on cultivating a positive outlook.

Ange’s ‘D&A Wallis’ embodies this spirit of perseverance and the fun of letting go, featuring a photograph, a rarity for the campaign thus far.

Explaining her motivation for taking part in the campaign, Ange commented: “I thought the campaign needed a card that was a little silly and less pensive in tone, something driven by hope, rather than despair and frustration.”

Becky’s postcard ‘Start with the Positive’ mirrors this idea, emphasising the power of seeing a new day as a blank canvas, an opportunity to shape your day through positive thinking.

We want the campaign to encourage people affected by mental health to tell the world whatever they like, sharing a glimpse into their interior world’s and what brings them hope.

Share your thoughts on a postcard of your own.

Gemma Taylor, media assistant