Postcards of Hope is the new incarnation of our Postcards from the Edges art campaign. 

The project is a collaboration between United Response and author Rachel Kelly, whose memoir ‘Black Rainbow’ on her journey through depression describes how poetry helped her through her darkest times.

Postcards of Hope aims to find out what gives other people hope during difficult periods of their lives and help them to share that hope with others.

Rachel has now submitted her own postcard to the project, which perfectly illustrates the very nature of hope itself.

Using words made famous by Romantic poet William Wordsworth, Rachel’s postcard ‘Prelude to Wellness’ links with an ongoing theme throughout her book, that of nature and the comfort it offers. It reminds us to live in the present moment at times when the pressures of life can seem overwhelming.

Rachel explains: “These lines begin William Wordsworth's Prelude, which was intended to be the introduction to a much longer work which he never managed to finish. He started the Prelude before he was thirty, and added to it over the next fifty years. The idea that he was consistently engaging with an ongoing 'Life's Work' demonstrates a hopeful nature, and would have also, no doubt, required a great amount of continued hope throughout its execution.

“The lines themselves suggest the deep consolation that nature in all its forms can bring: At this time of year, a cool breeze does often seem to know its own value as it comes in, playfully, to rescue you, almost like a friend.”

Postcards of Hope aims to allow an open space for people to share their thoughts and find consolation in the works and words of others. If you have been inspired by the project, head to to create your own postcard.

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Gemma Taylor, media assistant.