Postcards from the Edges continues to surprise us. With every postcard sent to us, we are intrigued by the creator and by the story they have to tell.

This series of weekly blogs aims to give you an insight into why people join in the project.

This week’s postcard was created by Laura who used the online postcard creation tool to make her postcard and have her say. Her postcard is called ‘Stigma Stops!’

“My name is Laura. I work as a communications manager, I’m happily married, I have a collection of random animals who I adore, and I am a published author.

“Oh yes…I also have a mental illness.” Laura continues, “For me, the stigma surrounding mental illness has always been far worse than actually living with my condition. And it wasn’t just strangers who discriminated…it was friends, family, and even me.

Now, I speak across the UK about my own experiences as part of the national anti-stigma campaign Time to Change, and try to let people know that my condition is just a small part of who I am."

You can read more about why Laura created her card and find many more postcards on the Postcards from the Edges website.

To join in the project, please create a postcard online or please email with a postal address to request a postcard pack.

Exhibitions across the country are happening later in the year that will showcase the variety of postcards we have received. Exhibitions will be held at the following locations:

London – Bankside Gallery, Southbank – 11-15 September

Gateshead – Baltic Mill Gallery – 30 September – 6 October

Bristol – Grant Bradley Gallery, Bedminster – 21 – 27 October

Liverpool – Camp and Furnace – 4 – 10 November

Beth Bridewell, web assistant.